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Monday, 5 May 2014


I suffer from extreme procrastination. It's a serious problem, I'll realise at half-past nine in the evening that I need to go for a run and then shower, all before I get round to cooking and eating tea. When I finally get around to cooking, I'll be working in darkness because I didn't change the lightbulbs in the kitchen when one or three of them had blown. (To be fair my housemates should take some of the rap for that, but then again they're both so tiny as to be unable to touch the ceiling, even when standing on a chair, so I'd be needed anyway). I'll put this off further by writing a blog post about my procrastination, and get distracted half-way through writing the post by listening to We Know Better. Intersperse a few games of online chess, conversations with at least one flatmate, and probably half a dozen other distractions. Washing up will be put off to the next day due to the aforementioned lighting problems.

PS. The internet needs a Beginner's Guide to Buying Lightbulbs. Like, really basic. Different shapes, sizes, wattages, etc and other basic considerations and how to work them out from the package-less lightbulb sitting next to you on the settee. Also, which shops to buy them from, how much you should expect to pay, and other considerations which may seem obvious once you know how to buy them.

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