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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Links, February 2014

It's amazing how many links accumulate once you start keeping a record of them. Rather than highlighting the more interesting links like last time, I'm going to sort them by category.

Pretties / Culture
If I remember correctly, this was from somewhere in North America.

Music straight from the streets of Adelaide. I don't think that's how you're supposed to play the guitar.

God: If you didn't want me to have sex with other men, why did you make them so attractive?

Unfortunately not yet available to order.

This is how all political philosophy ought to be taught.

Some interesting pieces on the surveillance state: first, what if we had had the NSA in 1776? Second, memoirs of a TSA agent. Third, probably the worst police brutality I've come across which hasn't resulted in death.

I'm generally sceptical of the feminist movement, but I agree that it is responding to genuine problems - many of which are disturbingly subtle. Also, see this type of sexism in action.


The latest celebrity chef. (Just to be clear, linking does not imply endorsement).

If you're impressed by Sherlock, then remember that Walter Oi could do the same thing despite being blind.

The human capacity for delusion knows no bounds.

The case for charity. If you read nothing else here, read this.

I believe that this is where I'm supposed to say: "Still a better love story than Twilight."

France sounds nice. If only it was less left-wing and I wasn't vegetarian.

The Mafioso, the deaf bookkeeper, and the lawyer.

Somehow an ethicist has got this far in philosophy without hearing of Utilitarianism.

Sterling negotiation technique on display here.

This is supposed to be about currency, but I think it's more interesting as a discussion of the never-ending variety and complexity of local institutions.

If you see me wearing some bags of ice-cubes in lectures, this is why. (It's worth a try, surely?)

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