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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Inaugural Link Post

Loads of people seem to do link posts. I thought I'd do one, although many of the links probably aren't very interesting to most people. I've highlighted in green the ones which the casual reader may care to look at.

I've never visited this stretch of canal while it's snowing. It looks rather less drab. Also on the subject of canals, I'd almost be interested in seeing this and these pictures are worth a quick look even if you're not interested in canals.

While watching the early part of Sherlock's Best Man Speech, I felt the need for a mini Julia Galef to pull out of my pocket at appropriate moments.

More pretties!

I wouldn't say conversation is really this bad, but it's an excellent poem.

SOCIALISM!!! Was writing a response, but realised it would need a whole post of its own; this may or may not be appearing shortly (I feel that rather too many of my recent posts have been politics-related). Most obvious point to make in response: distinguish between socialism the system of government (stupid, evil, anyone seriously advocating it needs to get their head checked) and socialism the social movement (sometimes stupid, sometimes evil, sometimes both, and the bits which both meant well and thought well - Benjamin Tucker, for example - are now far more part of the libertarian tradition).

This is what happens when you attempt a Sicilian Dragon without learning the theory. (I'm playing as black, just to be clear. For future reference in case the game disappears from the archive, I get mated in 23 moves by a player rated 200 points below myself).

More culture which ought to be better known. My favourite songs are The Young Slaver (track 2) and The Sea and the Sky (track 11).

I'm uncertain as to whether I should read this until I've got my (firmly old-Keynesian) economics modules for my degree done. Also, I'd be interested in a non-partisan discussion of this topic: I honestly have idea to what extent the piece is fair to the writer's opponents, a group with whom it would be ideologically convenient for me to disagree and therefore one I should be extra careful to make certain that if I reject them, it is for the right reasons. On a related note, this really made my New Years Day.

Feminist ideas can be just as screwed-up as the ideas they replace.

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